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UK MPs Sign IUNW Petition Against Human Trafficking in UAE

On international Women Day, 56 United Kingdom members of parliament and Lords have signed a petition created by the Scotland-based International United Nations Watch

UK MPs Sign IUNW Petition Against Human Trafficking in UAE

On March 8th, 2020, International Women Day, 56 Members of  Parliament and the House of Lords signed a petition submitted by the Scottish-based International United Nations Watch (IUNW) calling on the British government and the European Union to take action to end trafficking of women from Eastern Europe to the UAE.

The petition reads, “We, the undersigned MPs and members of the House of Lords, express our concern about the latest reports published by  human  rights organisations including a report by La Strada, the University of Florence and the International UN Watch, which reveal  human that trafficking of girls between UAE and Europe is on the rise where Britain has been a transit station for smugglers.”

The petition calls on “HM Government to take immediate action to ensure that such dangerous phenomenon ceased immediately.”

IUNW urged the UK government to demand that   the UAE  to take immediate steps to end human trafficking in its territories. The United Arab Emirates ( as been cited as  a Tier Two country for human trafficking, with Dubai described as one of the top destinations for traffickers. Despite repeated calls to take decisive measures to address this situation, the UAE has yet to exert sufficient efforts to combat international human trafficking.

The petition calls upon the UAE:

1. To take further steps in response to international human trafficking from and into its territory.

2.  To crack down on illegal activities in relation to human trafficking.

3.  To provide immediate support to victims of human trafficking without resorting to deportatio to third countries.

4. To prosecute groups and networks involved in the human trafficking and to work with other governments to resolve the crisis.

5- To undertake that all future trade agreements ensure UAE’s respect for Human Rights and its complete commitment to  fight human trafficking.


Baroness Harris of Richmond

Baroness Meacher

MP Alexander David Sobel