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IUNW Welcomes UN Call on Dubai Princess, Call for More Action

IUNW Welcomes UN Call on Dubai Princess, Call for More Action

IUNW Welcomes UN Call on Dubai Princess, Call for More Action

The International United Nations Watch (IUNW) welcomes the statement by the United Nations that is going to question the authorities of Dubai over the fate of detained princess Latifa, the daughter of the ruler of Dubai. In secretly recorded videos, Latifa said she fears for her life which promoted the UN to issue a statement and the UK to describe the videos as “very troubling.”

Latifa was allegedly captured in the Indian Ocean by Indian forces at the request of her father in 2018 to be returned to a Dubai villa-turned into prison. She has stated in the video she secretly recorded and released that officers in charge of the prison where she is held told her that she will not see the sun again, noting that the situation is getting despite every day. “I am really tired of this now,” she said in the released video.

Prince Latifa is not the only Emirati held without legal provisions. The Euro-Med Monitor said in a press release earlier this month at the UAE authorities hold 13 other UAE nationals even after the end of their prison terms.

Palestinian-Jordanian journalist Tayseer Al-Najjar passed away on Friday, 19 February, 2021 after suffering from complications of his prison sentence in the UAE from 2016-2019 over a Facebook post criticizing the UAE’s reaction to the Israeli Military Operation in the Gaza Strip in 2014. In addition, he was fined 136,000 USD.

Alaa’ Alsaddiq, the daughter of Emirati national Muhammad Alsaddiq, who has been held by the UAE authorities since 2012, said her father lost much of his weight, and his features have changed after being held in a secret prison. He was threatened by his jailer to be killed and shot in the head, noting that her father was prevented from travelling and their citizenships were withdrawn. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison where he was tortured.

British national Michael Bryan Smith, 54, is still being held in the UAE despite the end of his prison term without any legal basis.

The International UN Watch calls on the UAE authorities to release all detainees held without legal foundations and urges the Government of Her Majesty to pressure to the UAE authorities to release all political detainees or those held without a legal basis. IUNW welcomes the move by the United Nations to start an investigation into the disappearance of detainees in the UAE.

The total number of political detainees in the US reached 204.

List of UAE detainees who are still held despite the end of their setences:

Omar Alridwan.

Mahmoud Alhousni.

Abdallah Alhajiri.

MAnsour Alahamadi.

Fahd Alhajiri.

Abdilwahid Albadi.

Saeed Albrimi.

Abdallah Alhiliow.

Ahmad Almulla.

Faisal Alshihi.

Khalifa Rabiaa.

Amina Alabdolui.

Mariam Alballoshi.