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VIDEO: UN and domestic violence against women

UN and domestic violence against women

UN and domestic violence against women

Domestic violence refers to someone trying to control their partner and assert their authority over them within an intimate relationship. Domestic violence may take the form of physical, psychological, sexual or financial abuse. In most cases, it is men who commit it against the women. Any woman may be exposed to domestic violence and it can happen in any home.

In light of the widespread of the pandemic, the world has witnessed a noticeable increase in domestic violence cases due to the quarantine imposed by governments to prevent the spread of the disease, so people do not leave their homes, which led to high rates of violence.

There are many other factors that have led to high rates of domestic violence, such as the economic factor resulting from the pandemic and psychological depression.

The United Nations Secretary-General said "for many women and girls, the threat of COVID-19 looms as they must be safer in their homes. "We know that non-exit orders and quarantine are essential to curb COVID-19," he said. "But in these circumstances, women find themselves locked into homes with abusive partners."

He urged all governments to make preventing violence against women essential, and this appeal received the support of more than 140 governments.