Maya Garner

Spokesperson of IUNW

Maya Garner Spokesperson and Head of Communicati...


Bilal Ahmed

PhD Candidate at SOAS

Bilal Ahmed is an activist, doctoral student, an...


Dr. Jussi S. Jauhiainen

Professor of Geography at the University of Turku

Jussi S. Jauhiainen is Professor of Geography at...


Kostandis Kabourakis

Human Trafficking Expert

Kostandis Kabourakis is an Addiction Consultant...


Doros Polykarpou

co-founder & Former Executive Director of KISA

Doros Polykarpou is co-founder and for 15 years...


Rachel Kerstein

Writer and researcher

Rachel Kerstein is a writer, researcher, and act...


Jane Alver

PhD Candidate, University of Canberra

Jane Alver PhD Candidate at the Centre for Delib...


David Ayeni

PhD Candidate, Georgia State University

David Ayeni is a doctoral student in the Departm...


Liljana Cvetanoska

Lecturer in Corruption, Law and Governance

Liljana Cvetanoska is a lecturer in Corruption,...